High Accuracy 3D Navigation and Micro-Positioning

What we do

Our technology enables devices to locate themselves accurately. LONPROX is unique in the industry in that it makes ease and cost of installation the primary design and engineering objective while yielding high accuracy.


Provides accurate 3D Miro-Positioning for People and Robots

Cost Effective

Low cost of installation facilitates residential as well as commercial penetration


Patented technology uniquely addresses diverse requirements of a wide range of applications

How it works

LONPROX solution works by installing low cost special RF nodes within the premises. A mobile device utilizing LONPROX technology is then able to locate itself within the premises with a high degree of accuracy. The solution is very easy to install and is low cost enough to allow for installation within private homes by the public and consequently within commercial spaces.

Use cases

LONPROX technology is intended for commercial and residential uses and applications. It is designed to deliver various accuracy levels that address the diverse requirements of such applications. LONPROX technology helps poeple navigate their environment and track their assets. LONPROX technology uniquely addresses the micro-positioning requirements of indoor automation robots.

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